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Randolph (Dolph) DieuDonne Colon is one of the most sought after coaches in the sport of bodybuilding and physique competition. Dolph has been featured as an expert in many TV shows and radio shows in LA. and his clients range from those simply seeking to lose weight and get into better shape to an array of executives, athletes, fashion models and competitive bodybuilders.

Dolph graduated from the Adult Fitness Program at Adelphi University, and has over 11 certifications. Dolph has over 25 years of fitness industry experience. He began his career when Crunch Fitness first open in NYC as an aerobics and step instructor. In the early 2000 he established himself as a top bodybuilding and fitness coach.

He moved to Venice Beach, California and trained with Charles Glass (The Godfather Of Bodybuilding). For 15 years he assisted Charles Glass in some of his ventures and coached many NPC and IFBB competitors. Since 1989, Dolph has been the sole proprietor of Fit Ministry. The idea of Fit Ministry is to form a team of people who help people get fit. Small group classes and coaching. Fit Ministry teaches expert level fitness classes at New York’s and LA’s elite health clubs and gyms… Reebok Sports Club NYC, Equinox, Revolve Fitness Cycling Studio and the great Mecca… Gold’s Gym Venice. Dolph was instrumental in the development of many of Beach Bodies LLC top selling videos. Dolph worked on P90X, Insanity, Brazil Butt Lift, Turbo Jam and many other titles as an art director and editor. Dolph is a big believer in development of the MIND and BODY… he teaches meditation and has been an active Yogi for over 10 years.

Fit ministry doesn’t directly have ANY religious or spiritual ties. However, the name came from the believe that all is former clients were evangelical about his type of training and would spreading the word. Dolph’s signature training is based on the RM Principal and EMBoC (Extreme Mind Body Connection).


COACHES? Personal trainers attempt to maintain a long-term relationship with clients. Personal trainers might not be skilled in the art of professional competitive fitness (Bodybuilding, Bikini, Fitness, Physique and not Classic Bodybuilding). Coaches are “Milestone” driven and created goals and milestones for clients.

Often coaches work with Personal Trainers and teach personal trainers. Coaches only work with you to attain a very specific goal (competition or event). Coaches push harder and expect more. Coaches monitor your progress in and outside the gym. Coaches work on your diet and lifestyle. Coaches can be former personal trainers, but personal trainers are NOT coaches.

When you are serious about looking like a competitive bodybuilder or serious about finally looking bikini ready for summer… Hire a coach!


Dolph’s been offering Pro-Bono coaching for years to those aspiring bodybuilders that are having a hard time in Venice Beach, also created websites Pro-Bono. Hence the nick-name Muscle Teresa was started by IFBB PRO Pedro Barron…

Today he continues to help many in need and started the Youtube Channel Muscle Teresa: Muscle Teresa YouTube Channel